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Affordable Tire Repairs and Replacements

Can your flat tire be repaired or do you need a new tire?

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The professionals at Auto-Lab will give you an honest answer. First, we will determine the cause of the flat- whether it is a puncture, bad stem, or wear and tear. Then, using industry guidelines, we will tell you whether we can provide a guaranteed tire repair or offer a fair price on a new one.

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At Auto-Lab, we want to be your trusted mechanic. We will not try to sell you a new set of tires if all you need is a repair. However, we want your vehicle to be safe transportation for you and your family. If we believe your tires are worn or unsafe to travel on, we will bring it to your attention

Save money on your next service at Auto-Lab:

Our complete tire repair and replacement service includes:

  • Complete visual inspection
  • Plug and patch repair (DOT-approved service)
  • Tire rotations upon request
  • Tire wear and tear inspection
  • Check for out-of-balance conditions
  • Balance tires
  • Road hazard warranties available
  • Major brand tires available
  • Torque lug nuts to manufacturer’s specs
  • 12-month/12,000 mile warranty on all parts and labor
  • FREE 33-point inspection
ER for your car!
Every Repair Comes With Our 12-Month/12,000-Mile Service Warranty.
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