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Top Quality Batteries and Electrical Service

Taking a road trip?

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Don’t get stuck out of town with a dead battery. Let Auto-Lab check your battery fluid level and test your electrical system to prevent unexpected service stops.

At Auto-Lab, we pride ourselves on troubleshooting tricky repairs such as electrical issues. We can tell you if the problem is a faulty electrical switch, battery cable, or electrical connection. Once we identify the issue, we can work together to decide how to best resolve it.

Replace Your Battery at the First Sign of Weakness

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If your battery is struggling to start your vehicle, let Auto-Lab install a new battery with our nationwide warranty. We have a wide variety of batteries available in every price range. Don’t worry about where you’ll need your next jump-start; bring your car to Auto-Lab and get peace-of-mind knowing your engine will turn-over.

Is Your Car Struggling to Start?

Come in and let us test your entire starting and charging system. We can tell you if your starter or alternator is faulty. We can also tell you if they are both ok, but you have a poor electrical connection or cable. Don’t guess; let us test it for you. You can trust the experienced professionals at Auto-Lab to give you straight answers, not the most expensive solutions.

Our valued battery and electrical service includes:

  • Diagnostic check
  • Complete visual inspection
  • Electric system check
  • Charging system diagnosis
  • Battery condition assessment
  • Alternator and starter replacement
  • Check and replace cables
  • Headlight replacement
  • Tail light replacement
  • Turn signal replacement
  • Door window motor replacement
  • Door window regulator replacement
  • Headlamp bulb replacement
  • Power door lock actuator replacement
  • Wiper motor replacement
  • 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all parts & labor
  • FREE 33-point inspection
ER for your car!
Every Repair Comes With Our 12-Month/12,000-Mile Service Warranty.
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