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Why Franchise with Auto-Lab?

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At Auto-Lab, we provide a professional approach to today's automotive technology. Our company is growing and we are excited to be opening new locations in different regions all over the country. We are currently looking for people who are interested in opening their own Auto-Lab franchise. The opportunity is incredible and the support you receive is amazing.
Due to the complexity of today's automobiles, there is an urgent need for competent diagnostic and repair service at an affordable price. Auto-Lab answers that need by offering total service ranging from the diagnosis of an automotive problem to its proper repair.
By combining proper diagnoses, excellent repair work and total commitment to the customer, Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers has established itself as a reputable, efficient and professional automotive repair organization. 

Efficient Operations

Auto-Lab is an organization that offers:
  • A recognized brand name
  • A continuous technical and management training program
  • A diagnostic process that eliminates guesswork
  • A computer system designed to facilitate shop management, providing daily, weekly and monthly reports as well as automatic customer follow-up
  • A group purchasing program
  • A group marketing and advertising program
  • A supportive corporate office that actively participates in assisting franchisees with business opportunities
  • Regular owners meetings to keep you abreast of new programs and systems
  • A program that promotes the interchange of technical ideas
  • A program for Hotline support
  • An instant information network
  • A superior customer satisfaction rating derived from using state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic equipment and providing quality workmanship
An Auto-Lab operation consists of a 4,000 to 8,000 square-foot service and office area. An Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Center is typically staffed with an owner/operator or service manager and four technicians.

Your responsibility as the owner of an Auto-Lab franchise is recruitment and to provide comprehensive training to all employees. We assist you in accomplishing these tasks by providing a complete training schedule and resources from our corporate office and strategic business partners.

Full Franchise Support

At Auto-Lab, we value each of our franchisees and the contributions you make to our company. Auto-Lab would not be the successful company it is today without the tireless support and outstanding commitment to customer service that each of our franchisees provide.

Franchise Services
Auto-Lab provides a wide array of valuable services to our franchisees including:
  • Equipment leasing and financing consultation
  • Operations, marketing and public relations manuals
  • Legal, accounting and insurance consultation
  • Computer system updates and administrative support
  • Periodic on-site visitation and evaluation
  • Marketing and public relations promotional programs
  • Business forms
  • Business and technical support hotline and database
  • Network of owners to assist in problem-solving rather than going it alone
  • Computerized business management software
  • Group purchasing of goods and services

Initial Comprehensive Training and Support

Auto-Lab provides all new franchisees with comprehensive training in our classroom and at your location. By learning a system that has been tested and proven successful, you will reduce your own learning curve and reduce costly mistakes. We instruct you in every area of our business operation.

Technical Services

To create technological superiority, Auto-Lab is prepared to assist you in the following areas:
  • Full-time training department
  • Current technical information
  • Testing and evaluating equipment
  • Research and development for improved troubleshooting techniques
  • An exclusive technical support database directly linked to each location

Business Support Service

Auto-Lab provides a complete approach to the business operations of its franchisees. We will assist you with:
  • Creating a complete accounting system
  • Locating financing
  • Purchasing equipment and inventory
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Offering group purchasing programs
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Every Repair Comes With Our 12-Month/12,000-Mile Service Warranty.
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