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Our History

The first Auto-Lab store was opened in Michigan in 1987 with the vision of providing an alternative to the automotive dealership service center.

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This store acquired the first Sun Diagnostic System ever sold to an independent automotive repair shop. Due to its success, the concept of the Auto-Lab brand was created and franchised in 1988, largely to fill a need in the automotive repair industry for sophisticated diagnostic assessment of the accelerating technology being used to drive the operating systems of automobiles. These advances were beginning to dilute the ability of the traditional “mechanic” to both assess and repair a car in an accurate and timely manner.

By the early 90’s, the federal government recognized that by virtue of this ever advancing technology, the OEM’s were creating a monopoly in the aftermarket service industry. The government then passed a series of regulations which required OEM’s to share the specifications of this technology to the economic market place. From that legislation, an entire industry of diagnostic equipment manufacturers evolved.

Today’s vehicles contain more than 25 computer systems that monitor and control virtually every function of a car. Due to this continued evolution in technology, Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers continue to thrive based on its focus on diagnostic testing and preventative maintenance. Auto-Lab’s trademarked motto is “We Test……Not Guess” and all parts and labor are covered by our exclusive 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Over the years, Auto-Lab has evolved into a cost effective and convenient alternative to a manufacturer’s automotive dealership. Our franchisees and their employees are thoroughly trained, using over a quarter century of best practices created to maximize the success of each store and deliver superior customer service.

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